1405 Faulkner Crescent S7L 3R5 Saskatoon, SK

Food Services

Kimberley Marshall
Support Services Manager
[email protected]


Our kitchen is small and very busy. It serves:

  • 139 residents three meals a day
  • Staff and guests three meals a day
  • A noon meal to Oliver Place tenants
  • A noon meal, Monday-Friday, to Day Program Participants
  • Numerous individual and group snacks each day

Food is an important aspect of our daily life. Not only does it provide the nutrition necessary to keep us healthy, it also provides comfort and a sense of normalcy.

Seasonal menus are provided while ensuring our residents’ nutritional needs are accommodated. Ongoing resident assessments allow for diets and textures to be modified to meet changing needs.

Q: Can I have a meal with my loved one?
A: Yes! We encourage guests to enjoy meals with their loved ones! Meals are available for a charge. Please contact the Business Office at 306-382-4111 to reserve a family room and contact Food and Nutrition Services at 306-986-5465 to order your meal. Two hours’ notice for guest meals is required.

Q: Can I bring in homemade meals for my loved one?
A: Yes! Familiar favorites can brighten your loved one’s day. Food may be served only to your loved one. Please check with care staff for approval of diet requirements for your loved one if you are unsure of their needs. Additional information may be found in the Oliver Lodge Handbook for Family Orientation.

Q: Can I bring in food/snacks for my loved one?
A: Yes! Please remember, extra food cannot be stored in the Food Service department or kitchenettes and cannot be prepared by the Food Services Staff.

Q: How do I change my loved one’s diet?
A: Diets are ordered by the physician and monitored by the nursing staff. Contact the nurse in charge to inquire about your loved one’s diet.