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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who lives at Oliver Lodge?
Oliver Lodge is a long-term care home for Level 3 and 4 residents. These individuals have needs that cannot be managed in their current community and require significant care.
2. How do I access Long-Term Care?
Client Patient Access Services (CPAS) assesses the needs of all residents prior to admission to Oliver Lodge. CPAS is a department within the Saskatchewan Health Authority. They can be contacted at 306-655-4346. There is a wait list, however, the needs of the resident are considered and those with greater needs are given priority for moving in.

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3. How does my loved one move into Oliver Lodge?
Once your loved one has been assessed by Client Patient Access Services (CPAS) and it is determined that they require long-term care, you will be asked to provide your top 3 choices for a long-term care facility. Every effort will be made by CPAS to accommodate your wishes for location. A temporary move may be necessary until your loved one reaches their site of choice.
4. Does Oliver Lodge know where my loved one is on the wait-list for placement?
We do not have access to the wait-list. Once a room is available and your loved one is matched to our home, we will contact you.
5. What are the costs associated with long-term care?
The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) sets the accommodation charges for long-term care, which is standard for all long-term care facilities within the province. For medication, incontinent products, recreation outings and sundry items, for example, there are additional charges.

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6. What is the moving-in and discharge protocol?
Moving-in and discharge protocol from Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) requires that families remove belongings from the resident’s room within 24 hours. The monthly resident fee will be charged including the date of discharge plus two days following vacancy (after belongings are removed from room).
7. Can we bring personal furniture?
Long-term care is different than other levels of seniors care. We provide a bed, dresser, over bed table and closet space. The rooms are small and other furniture items are discouraged. Each bed has cable access with the option for a private phone line. You are encouraged to bring small items of significance to personalize your space, such as pictures, your favourite quilt, etc.
8. How do I connect telephone and cable?
Oliver Lodge does not provide telephone or cable for our residents. Contact the service provider of your choice to have these services set up. Please arrange to have the bills mailed to family or have the payments debited from the resident bank account. Oliver Lodge is not able to forward resident mail to family members.
9. Is a Registered Nurse available on each shift?
Yes, a Registered Nurse is available 24 hours a day along with the support of Licensed Practical Nurses, Health Care Aides and other health-care providers. Our nursing team consists of Licenced Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses, and Continuing Care Aides.
10. Can my loved one’s current family doctor continue to see them at Oliver Lodge?
Yes. If your family doctor can keep your loved one on their case load after they move into Oliver Lodge, it will be accommodated. If this is not the case, Oliver Lodge will assist in matching your loved one with one of our regular visiting physicians.
11. Will my loved one’s care needs be reviewed?
Most definitely! Aside from providing daily compassionate care, an initial Care Conference will be held within 6 weeks after admission, followed by an annual conference. The care team will meet with family to review the resident’s care plan and goals.

Each resident is reassessed every 3 months with adjustments made to their care and care plan based on the needs identified. Reassessments will occur more often with their status has changed.

We encourage you to ask our staff anything at any time if you have any questions or concerns.

12. What are the visiting hours?
You are welcome to visit your loved one at any time of the day that best suits your loved one. Remember that this is a home with shared accommodation and please respect the others who reside here.
13. Who lives at Oliver Place?
Oliver Place is a 69 suite apartment for those able to live independently. A noon meal may be purchased. There are 10 two bedroom suites available for couples. There is a wait list. Those who have been on the list the longest are given priority when there is a vacancy. Special consideration is given to applicants who have a spouse living at Oliver Lodge.